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Thursday, 30 November 2017 07:10 Host: Write a comment

that's me coming back to uk in 1962 I was born in Tengah does anyone have pictures or remember my dad Raymond Wakinshaw married to Frances & my brother David who is older then me
12) margaret gardener 
Location: Location
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Sunday, 26 November 2017 19:40 Host: Write a comment

hi All

It was great to go to the london meeting on Wed 22nd Nov in the Chandos. I would have loved to stay but I had other arrangements. Everyone was so friendly and Thomas gave me his card to get here.
I feel quite old as my siblings and I were in Singapore from Aug 1956 to 1958 the last 3 months being under house embargo because of the fighting in Town. my parents each slept with a gun under their pillow - we shipped out on the last trip of the MS Dilwara in the Oct of 1958. I have photos of that time and will put hem together. WE were the first service children to fly abroad unaccompanied as our parents had gone to Singapore a year ahead of us, and that was the beginning of an exciting 2 years. Will tell you more if interested when I get my photos together to forward here.

our family name was Speight and we lived at 9 Lock Road Gillman Barracks and my brother and I went to Alexandra junior school - the old one above the swimming pool and my sister went to I think it was Ayr Rajah Road infants, just by the barracks. my great Aunt died of cancer in 1957 whilst we were there, she had not wanted us to go as she was a prisoner of war in Changi and her husband an Australian died after three months on the railway. She survived for another 10 years.

So Singapore is in my DNA. It would be good if some other 70 year old's could join me in our memories.


Margaret Gardener. I live in South Wales UK
11) Michael 
Born Singapore, then London Location
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Tuesday, 21 November 2017 07:20 Host: Write a comment

This is a complete longshot but wonder if anyone remembers my parents. I was born in Singapore in 1967. My father Thomas Collins was I believe in the royal navy and was possibly Scottish. He was married to my mum Margaret Collins from London. Apparently things didn't end well and we moved back to UK shortly after my birth, not seen him since. If anyone has a photo of him or any memories please get in touch.
10) Diane Jaques ( nee Barton ) 
Bedford Location
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Tuesday, 17 October 2017 13:30 Host: Write a comment

My late father f/sgt Richard Barton was seconded to the Malaysian Air Force based in Kuantan from 1967-71. My twin brother David & I went to Bourne School & St Johns & were boarders .
I remember some names from Kuantan ....
twins Julian & Anthony Quinn & Jenny Nagle .
If there's anyone out there who remembers me or David it would be lovely to hear from you .
9) Simon Evans 
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Monday, 16 October 2017 18:03 IP: Write a comment

By the way, the link to Tanglin Infants School on this page does not seem to be working.
8) Simon Evans 
Sheffield Location
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Monday, 16 October 2017 13:33 IP: Write a comment

That's me! [] On the back row with glasses. I have the same photo. My Dad Paddy Evans was in the Signals in Singapore 1961-64 (and my album says this is 1964 - but it could be wrong). My brother Adrian will have been a year below me. I think I recognise Philippa Baglee, third from the left on the front row, whose family (Dawn, St John and son David) came back to Britain with us on the boat in 1964, and then I believe emigrated to Australia.

A few years ago I had a six hour flight change-over in SG, and set out to find our old house in Ridley Park, Tanglin, now a highly desirable address. I found it easily, and quite by chance the house was empty and open, having a complete makeover. It was 8am and I was able to wander about at will as the painters arrived. With the place empty, stripped back, it was as if nothing had changed. I found places in the garden we used to play and an old light switch embedded in the plaster that was still there.
Thanks to everyone whos posted photos here. It's hugely evocative.

I came to the site, by the way, searching for memorabilia after watching Hayley Mills in 'Pretty Polly' last night, filmed in SG in 1966ish. Also hugely evocative. I've got 'Five Ashore in Singapore' lined up for tonight.

Dave Baglee Sunday, 21 January 2018 23:20
Shock to see Your name appear on Here Simon! Remember You Guys well! Hope We can get in touch! Dave Baglee
7) Deborah Jones (nee Jewell) 
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Wednesday, 4 October 2017 09:25 Host: Write a comment

My family were in Singapore from 1960 to 1963. My late Father (David Jewell)was in the Merchant Navy and took a thee year posting with (I think) Cable and Wireless. I would love to know more about our time there and discover which area we lived in (possibly Station Road). Is there anyone who can help me get started?
Many thanks
6) Elaine 
Hartley Wintney Location
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Saturday, 9 September 2017 09:11 IP: Write a comment

For Lynne Copping.

My surname is Lewis (I am not the welsh Elaine Lewis). I went to Bourne school from 1967-1968. Then St Johns until 1971. I last meet up with Elaine Occoner in the 1990 in Church crookham/ Fleet in Hampshire.
5) Graham Rae 
Northampton Location
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Friday, 1 September 2017 18:45 Host: Write a comment

Hi Tom. Great site, lots of memories and pictures. Was at Tengah School/Bourne 68-71 with my twin brother Stuart, and Ian (St Johns). Lived at 58 Hunter Hill. Best posting we ever had smile Managed a short visit in 2002, very little left of old Singapore as I knew it back then!
4) Darren Green 
Haverhill, Suffolk Location
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Wednesday, 30 August 2017 10:38 Host: Write a comment

Hi, my father John Green 4088588 was posted to f.e.c.s f.e.t.w Changi Melkshan Station on the 27.9.1952 I do believe he was an instrument technician and I know he was friends with a Mr Arthur Turner, the reason for my message is just to try and contact anyone who was stationed with him, thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope for a return, kind regards....
Darren Green
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