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That's me! [] On the back row with glasses. I have the same photo. My Dad Paddy Evans was in the Signals in Singapore 1961-64 (and my album says this is 1964 - but it could be wrong). My brother Adrian will have been a year below me. I think I recognise Philippa Baglee, third from the left on the front row, whose family (Dawn, St John and son David) came back to Britain with us on the boat in 1964, and then I believe emigrated to Australia.

A few years ago I had a six hour flight change-over in SG, and set out to find our old house in Ridley Park, Tanglin, now a highly desirable address. I found it easily, and quite by chance the house was empty and open, having a complete makeover. It was 8am and I was able to wander about at will as the painters arrived. With the place empty, stripped back, it was as if nothing had changed. I found places in the garden we used to play and an old light switch embedded in the plaster that was still there.
Thanks to everyone whos posted photos here. It's hugely evocative.

I came to the site, by the way, searching for memorabilia after watching Hayley Mills in 'Pretty Polly' last night, filmed in SG in 1966ish. Also hugely evocative. I've got 'Five Ashore in Singapore' lined up for tonight.

Dave Baglee Sunday, 21 January 2018 23:20
Shock to see Your name appear on Here Simon! Remember You Guys well! Hope We can get in touch! Dave Baglee
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