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hi All

It was great to go to the london meeting on Wed 22nd Nov in the Chandos. I would have loved to stay but I had other arrangements. Everyone was so friendly and Thomas gave me his card to get here.
I feel quite old as my siblings and I were in Singapore from Aug 1956 to 1958 the last 3 months being under house embargo because of the fighting in Town. my parents each slept with a gun under their pillow - we shipped out on the last trip of the MS Dilwara in the Oct of 1958. I have photos of that time and will put hem together. WE were the first service children to fly abroad unaccompanied as our parents had gone to Singapore a year ahead of us, and that was the beginning of an exciting 2 years. Will tell you more if interested when I get my photos together to forward here.

our family name was Speight and we lived at 9 Lock Road Gillman Barracks and my brother and I went to Alexandra junior school - the old one above the swimming pool and my sister went to I think it was Ayr Rajah Road infants, just by the barracks. my great Aunt died of cancer in 1957 whilst we were there, she had not wanted us to go as she was a prisoner of war in Changi and her husband an Australian died after three months on the railway. She survived for another 10 years.

So Singapore is in my DNA. It would be good if some other 70 year old's could join me in our memories.


Margaret Gardener. I live in South Wales UK
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